Cassandra “San” Hall and Jak’Lyn Tarpley are set to be Married May 5th, 2018 in Alabama after 5 Years of Dating.

“We are Cassandra “San” Hall and Jak’Lyn Tarpley and on March 30, 2017 was the day I proposed to my partner, Jak’Lyn of 5 years. I proposed to Jak’Lyn at our home. I posted notes around the house for her to read like a scavenger hunt which lead her to a bubble bath and a glass of wine to relax as I was waiting nervously in our bedroom going over what I was going to say in my head. Finally she knocked on the bedroom door as instructed to see a ring box in the middle of rose petals in a shape of a heart. When she turned around it was me on one knee asking her to spend her life with me. I took this approach because I thought that it was something intimate and different.

Two weeks after the proposal, Jak’Lyn and I set a wedding date of May 5,2018 at Covenant Community Church in Birmingham, Alabama. We chose to wed at a church because we both have Christian backgrounds, they offered premarital counseling and were one of few churches that allowed same sex marriages. Our ceremony will be an intimate wedding with close family and friends who love and supports us.

We both desire to have a bachelorette party but we may just go out separately with our friends and who knows what the future may hold! We decided not to hire a wedding planner because we are on a strict budget and wanted to make it out of a project to work on together, so there’s a lot of DIYs. The easiest part of planning so far is that we have financially secured 85% of our vendors so that we do not have to stress as the day draws near. The most difficult part is dealing with anxiety of wanting everything to be perfect, even though we know everything will not go as planned.

One advantage of us planning our own wedding is that we get to spend more time together combining our thoughts and ideas to create our dream wedding. A disadvantage of us planning our own wedding is that we have to pay for it on our own without assistance from others. We have been blessed beyond measures to have amazing vendors that are inexpensive and very capable of providing the wedding that we dreamed of.

Our advice to those who are in the process of planning their wedding is to PLAN AHEAD!! This will give you time to save and plan accordingly. Jak’Lyn and I wish someone told us to hire a wedding planner because at times it will be extremely stressful and overwhelming but our love and commitment for each other has gotten us through every hardship and now we look forward to an amazing life together after we say I DO!!”

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