Catherine and Destiny have been engaged since August 3rd of 2017. Their Wedding date is May 5, 2019.


We are Catherine and Destiny. We have been engaged since August 3rd of this year. Our wedding date is May 5, 2019 and as of right now we do not have a location, however we plan to wed in Detroit, Michigan (our hometown). We desire to have a mildly intimate ceremony, with only close friends and family. As far as having a Bachelorette party, that remains to be seen...Destiny has jealousy issues jk (she’s gonna kill me for that). Okay anyway, We have an amazing wedding planner who has made us feel so at ease with the process because o her constant professionalism and knowledge. She’s amazing, however the most difficult part of planning has been making final decisions on the numerous options before us.

The most exciting part is getting amazing reception from outsiders, more than we actually anticipated. But, it has been hard not completely having the support of our families, given that they do not necessarily agree with our decision to marry. Yet...we are going to keep pushing on because this moment is about US and our happiness. If we could give any advice to anyone wanting to take this step...just be prepared for whatever response those you love most give you. If they accept, they do...if they don’t...their loss. Do not let it come between the love you have for one another. At the end of it all...it’s about YOUR LOVE! ❤️

BTW....someone should have told us how expensive this **** is!! ”

Catherine & DestinyInstagram: @-che.dapper, @she.is.destiny

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