Chelsea & Katelyn McPhee with their 5-Year-Old Son Franklin

“We are Chelsea and Katelyn McPhee and this is our story.

We have one child together, a 5 year old boy named Franklin. I don't have much advice on conceiving together as 2 moms because I unfortunately got pregnant as a result of abuse from my ex (a man). The hardest part about me being pregnant was dealing with the mixed emotions of carrying my abuser's baby and struggling to figure out a way towards a better life for us. Being pregnant and having baby Franklin changed my whole world. Franklin was the one that started showing me that my life had meaning and that I wasn't worthless, that I deserved more than the life I had. I took care of my baby and learned to be happy living without a lot of things that regular people take for granted. I worked a full time job, walked every where and did not own a phone, internet, or a vehicle. Franklin and I grew strong together on our own. I met Chelsea when Franklin was 3 years old. Being with her made me realize I never truly experienced love before, everything just felt so perfect and complete with her around. Franklin was a shy boy to most but he took to Chelsea right away and trusted her with everything. She became his other parent very quickly. We are now married and Franklin brags about his 2 moms! He talks about us in school and some of his classmates even say they wish that they had 2 moms! I agree that having 2 moms is definitely better than just one! Franklin gets showered with love, caring and acceptance. We communicate so well and come to parenting decisions together, we back each other up as parents no matter what. I think as long as you have the right partner, whether it be 2 moms, 2 dads, mom and dad, or single parents even, as long as you and your child are fulfilled and happy, that's all that matters! Parenting will always be a struggle and difficult at times but it is without a doubt the most rewarding thing in life! Chelsea and I are deciding on pursuing an anonymous donor and getting pregnant again in the future, we enjoy having a child together and would like to give Franklin a sibling! We are a proud family!”

Chelsea & Katelyn McPheeInstagram: @1kfletch, @smallvillebananabomb

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