Gladys proposed to Tania D’haiti-Aidoo on April 24, 2014, at Porterhouse Steakhouse. They got married on October 15, 2017, in Hempstead, Long Island NY and have been together for eight years.

“The DOUBLE Proposal...

April 24th 2014 was a beautiful day.
I made reservations at Porterhouse Steakhouse in New York City looking over at beautiful Central Park for our 4 year anniversary dinner. Little did we both know, that this night would become one of the most memorable days in our lives.

The evening began with a romantic dinner which ended with a proposal from Gladys.
Such a beautiful night it was, we took a walk down the streets of Columbus circle and I just watched my new fiancée in aww mesmerizing her new piece of jewelry on her finger☺️😁
Upon getting home, there was a surprise waiting at home for me that had me in complete shock, because I don’t know how she hid it from me so well!!😳 Tania (who is now my wife😜) never blew her cover as to her plan to ask my hand in marriage as well. She surprised me with a proposal in the form of cupcakes she ordered for dessert. And let me tell ya, Boy was it sweet☺️

It was so beautiful. And if your wondering yes, indeed, I cried. It just felt so good to know that someone you love so deeply, loves you back just as much unconditionally💕 I always felt that this was a life meant to be since that day because we both decided to propose to one another on this that in that year. My mother in law said to me, “great minds think alike” & we probably sleep to close together so our thoughts merged lmao

We finally tied the knot on October 15th, 2017🎉”

Mrs Gladys Aidoo & Tania D’haiti-AidooInstagram: @st.gee, @x_beautifult

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