Here’s the Love Story of Mi-Keshia & Tiffanee!

“My name is Mi-Keshia and my Girlfriend name is Tiffanee. I am black and she is biracial. We met on instagram. She stalked me!!! But if you let her tell it she will say she didn’t lol. I thought she was cute but I wasn’t really interested at first. I was ending a bad relationship. I knew Tiffanee was the one when she became my diary. She knew my deepest thoughts and secrets and didn’t judge me for it. Even though we were in a long distance relationship, she felt like home. I love how funny she is. I cam be. Having a really bad day and she always manages to make me smile. She’s such a hard worker and loves me for me, unconditionally. She’s the perfect verse over a tight beat. Communication and honesty is so important to us. Even though we are one, we give each other space to be ourselves. Our most memorable moments together is spending every night on the phone together. And our “cyber date night”. Because we were long distance we would pick a night and we would order food from the same restaurant and watch the same movie while on FaceTime. It is what I looked forward to the most. I think if we were to look back twenty years from now we would want to remember our fun our love is. From day one, we instantly connected. Like the last two puzzle pieces that complete the masterpiece. Loving her is easy. In five years i would like to see us married and in a bigger home with maybe some little ones running around. To us, Mrs. and Mrs. means togetherness. It is a community coming together to bring awareness to the normalcy of our lives. Love is love regardless of gender or color. ”

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