Natalie & Nicole are set to be Married in 2019 in the Houston Area.

“Nicole proposed to me after four years of dating, on 6/17/17 at a surprise engagement party where we were also celebrating her late grandma's birthday. We haven’t announced our wedding date yet, so the best we can tell you is 2019. We plan to get married in the Houston Area, because it’s our city, our home and the most central location for the people we want to share our day with. It’ll be intimate but the our family will make it a grand affair.

Our Bachelorette Party will most likely be a couples weekend in New Orleans, I ruled out Vegas lol

We haven’t hired a Wedding Planner yet, but depending on our venue we will have someone helping us. It’s inevitable with our schedules. We're hoping to find one sometime next month and then we can announce it to everyone, the wedding date and all.

We would say the Easiest Part of Planning so far is deciding who’s going to be in the Wedding Party, we will tell them soon. The theme and our important songs.

Now what’s the Most Difficult Part so Far? Well that’s easy its the wedding guest list. Our family alone will take up 150 or so and we wouldn’t be here without them so it’s only fair that they are present on that day.

When it comes to two women planning a wedding, it's still one of those whatever you say or whatever you like babe. There's really no disadvantages to that I say! But I also will be fair, this day is about the both of us not just one of us. We're currently in the beginning stages so right now just time. I think our biggest issue is people not understanding us wanting to wait till 2019. There's one thing about us and that's that we march to the beat of our own drum, we don't rush anything when it comes to our relationship. We have a plan and this is how we want it. We're pretty easy going on many things but this is something we're not budging on. Unless someone will pay for our wedding then maybe we will move it up for their sake. But other than that we GOT THIS! What I can tell others, other than march to your own drum remember this day is ultimately about the two of you and your love is. That it's more than this one day! This is about the day that starts the rest of your lives together. Make it your own, make it your journey together and most of all make sure that there's nothing more important than keeping your love and trust alive and strong.”

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