Here’s the Love Story Of Priya & Morna

“What are your names?
Priya & Morna

How did you two meet?
P: We met at our university’s LGBTQ+ society bar crawl. I said that I liked Morna's shorts and she said that she’d noticed me in lectures…
M: Even though that was where we officially met - we definitely would have met anyway as we were on the same course and lived one floor apart in halls!

What were your first thoughts of each other?
P: I thought she was beautiful - I was mesmerised by Morna's eyes and smile.
M: When I first saw Priya I thought she seemed mysterious and intense, and then when I first met her I thought she was super nonchalant and definitely wasn’t interested. How wrong I was!

When did you know that she was the one? How did she know that you were the one?
P: It was weird because I don’t feel like there was a specific moment, I just sort of felt like that from the beginning but thought/knew I was being crazy. Then I realised Morna felt the same when someone said something like “well obviously you’re not going to be together forever” a couple of weeks in and then later we both admitted that we were upset about that and that we both wanted it to be a forever ting.
M: I don’t know… from the beginning I guess! As soon as we were official.

What are Five of the best things about your Lady; Vice Versa.
P: Morna's smile, her passion, her cynicism, her humanitarianism, & her hot bod of course. M: Priya's smart, honest, hardworking, loving, and sweet!

What are some of your Lady’s quirks? What are things about your Lady that drives you a little crazy?; Vice Versa.
P: Morna sometimes gets overwhelmed by sensory stimulation, so she’ll demand millions of blankets to be put on top of her, or that the plates be immediately cleared from the table because they’re making her feel weird.
M: Priya’s really obsessional, and has a complete inability to understand her own emotions!

If there was a proposal, Quick story of how it happened?
P: When we’d been together about 6 months, I kept sort-of joke asking Morna to marry me. It was a joke because I knew she’d say no because it was too soon, but I did want to marry her. A couple of months later, we’d discussed when would be a good time to get married and agreed on getting married for our 5th wedding anniversary, after we’d finished university. But we thought there was no harm in being engaged until then! We ordered some rings on the internet, and when they arrived she demanded that I get down on one knee, so it wasn’t very typically romantic, but it was perfect for us.

Name three memorable experiences you’ve been through together as a couple.
P: One of them has to be our honeymoon - it was a spectacular three weeks of sun, sea, & sand in Skiathos, Greece, where I was born. Another would be our wedding day - just us alone in Brighton, UK. And lastly, our wedding party, with 100 of our friends and family, in Birmingham, UK, where we met and lived for four years together, and where Morna's from. M: Getting married - the real wedding and the reception with everyone. Moving to a new city and getting used to living in a new place together.

How would you describe the dynamic of your relationship? How would others describe it? P: We talk about everything, which means a lot of arguments but also a lot of growth. We’re a team and work together against all our adversities! Others probably just think it’s easy all the time though because that’s what they see and we’ve been together quite long now.
M: I don’t know how to explain - just taking turns looking after each other in some ways. I’m very bossy, but Priya’s also very bossy in a different way! A lot of people from the outside just think it’s perfect and that we’re sorted, don’t have any problems and just get on with it - a power couple.

What values are important to you as a couple?
P: Well, we recently did a questionnaire to find out and Morna's were humanitarianism, aesthetic & creativity, and mine were family, power & money. But I think our shared values are authenticity, balance & curiosity.
M: honesty, trust, commitment, effort, & empathy.

If you were looking back at this interview in twenty years, what would you want to remember about your life right now?
P: What it was like to be alone just us two living in a new city (Preston, UK), away from all our friends and family. Scary and lonely at times, but also so romantic and getting so much time alone together.
M: How hard we’re trying and how much we love each other. What we’ve managed to achieve with not much - we’ve had a lot of hurdles and I want to remember that we’ve created this really nice space and home for ourselves despite not everyone being especially supportive.

Where do you see yourselves in five years? What are you most looking forward to in your future as a couple?
P: Hopefully with two kids, living somewhere lovely in the UK - me working in research and Morna as a counsellor.
M: No idea where we’re going to be in five years! Most looking forward to having a house, or at least a bigger flat, having children, and hopefully having more stable work situations.

What does 'Mrs & Mrs' mean to you?
P: I have mixed emotions towards the phrase, as I feel like the origin of being a ‘Mrs’ is inherently misogynistic, however like other previously offensive terms like ‘queer’, I’m excited to reclaim the word in ‘Mrs & Mrs’ to celebrate equal marriage and being married to my soulmate.
M: Don’t know - sisters doing it for themselves! Pride and love and women working together and supporting each other and their love. It’s just nice to have some visibility and some role models to see, because we don’t know many other female-female couples, especially that are married.

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