#Brides2Be Tamitha & Kumara talk their Wedding  Planning process.

“My name is Tamitha and the love of my life's name is Kumara

Kumara proposed to me on three separate occasions and I finally realized that she was serious in August 2017. Our wedding/celebration is scheduled for Sunday, June 17, 2018 in Southern Maryland at the Jefferson Patterson State Park and Museum. Our wedding theme is " A love that transcends beyond eternity" We are expecting about 100 guest to celebrate our union and love with us.
Our wedding coordinator is a close friend and we are excited to see her artist creativity enhance our experience @locsage. The planning of the wedding has been great. We actually complement one another. I am the budget/task oriented person and Kumara is the visionary.

Because nothing about us is traditional, the ceremony will not be traditional. We both love art and music and plan to have many of our friends showcase their talents during the ceremony. In addition, our friends who are artist and small business owners will have a platform to display and sale their works/services during the reception. It is our way to always support artist and small businesses. It is all about community, love and making it happen. Did I mention the menu is vegan and we found the best place that will take care of our meal and cake!

Tamitha & KumaraInstagrams: Tamitha @transitions_7 & Kumara @professork7

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