Tonya & Kesha plan to be Married on May 18, 2019, at Berkeley Hills Country Club in Duluth, GA.

“The proposal was a total surprise. Tonya and my best friend had been cooking it up behind my back and I had no idea. On June 27, 2017 Tonya and I were on our way to a black and white cigar event...both of us slaying and dressed to kill. Earlier that day she told me a friend of hers was I town and staying at the Biltmore Hotel (which just happened to be right behind the club) and we were going to swing by there to say hi before the party. We parked at the hotel and walked through the courtyard. We sat down on the bench “waiting for her friend to come down”. She told me she bought us a new lighter for our cigars and handed me a box. Clueless, I opened it and it was a silver lighter with “Kesha will you marry me” engraved. I looked up and she was down on one knee!! I was speechless. Of course I said yes, kissed my baby and when I looked up, there were my 2 best friends running up and a photographer there to capture the moment. It was so absolutely perfect.

We decided on May 18, 2019 at Berkeley Hills Country Club in Duluth, GA. It will be 120 of our close family and friends who love and support us unconditionally.

We’re both having our Bachelorette parties in Cancun....on different dates, of course 😉

The planning has been relatively flawless! Since our wedding is so far out, we have plenty of time to save and get what we really want without having to go in to debt. Tip #1- set a budget and stick to it. Also, sit down together and prioritize the things you have to have, things you want, and things you can do without if need be.

When we began planning, we started off by attending a bridal show. In all of our excitement, we did make the mistake of signing with the first photographer we ever met, but luckily they let us out of the contract and we found someone we both really loved. Tip #2 - always do your research, compare and read the reviews!

The most difficult part for us was finding a venue that would accommodate our budget and what we were looking for. Some venues supply alcohol, some don’t; some have the chairs we wanted, some didn’t; some accommodated 120 guests, others were for small intimate events; and some just cost too dang-on much for us. Lol.

But the venue we decided on is amazing! It pretty much offers everything we need (food, alcohol, centerpieces, etc) and I already had my vision of what I wanted, so there was no need for us to hire a planner. We did, however, hire a florist who doubles as our coordinator. Tip #3 - have an idea what you’re looking for in a venue; what’s important that you need them to provide and what you’re willing to get/pay for yourself.

Another difficult part was deciding on the guest list. We set a budget so that means we had to narrow down the attendees to our close family and friends. I had to be OK with the fact that EVERYONE I know can’t come.

All in all, our planning process has been very smooth! With all the vendors and venues we’ve visited and talked to, we have yet to encounter any sort of discrimination with us being 2 women. Love is winning!

Tip #4- ENJOY IT! Have fun. You’re marrying the love of you life...I certainly can’t wait to marry mine!!”

Tonya & KeshaInstagram: @sogemini75, @givememoore_esq

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