Tori & Donesha with their 6-Month-Old Son Liam

“My name is Tori and my girlfriend is Donesha. We have a 6 month old son named Liam. The most difficult time throughout my girlfriends pregnancy would probably be the horrible back pain, gestational diabetes, nose bleeds, edema and her stomach getting in the way of EVERYTHING lol. The easiest part was watching our little guy grow and knowing that after all of the pain we were going to receive the greatest gift of all. There isn't much that we can say about google, it actually wasn't our go to. We did little research when things happened that we were unsure about but other than that, with the help of family and our doctor we pretty much did it on our on. After becoming mothers, we thought we knew everything and we were going to knock it out of the park UNTIL Liam cried for a week straight the first time he came home 😢. It was all because every time he fell asleep we would lay him in a way that he did not like (silly mommies). Raising a child as two moms has been AMAZING thus far. Liam is one of our greatest accomplishments and we wouldn't trade him for the world. We would give our last to see a smile on his face. It is definitely not easy being a parent but trust me it is worth it”

Tori & DoneshaInstagram: @heyy_itstee, @doneshaa

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