Mason and Megan went on their first date May 05, 2015 and became a couple on July 30th. Mason proposed to Megan at the Delta Flight Museum on May 27, 2016. This location was beyond fitting as Megan is a fight attendant for Delta Air Lines. Mason rented out the entire theater in the museum and chronicled pictures from the last two years to create a video that was played for Megan. As Megan watched she cried and once the video ended Mason got down on one knee and professed her love before popping the questions. It was such an intimate moment between the two and Megan takes such pride in knowing all Mason went through to make that moment special and memorable.

They will exchange vows and share their love for one another in front of friends and family on September 1, 2018. The ceremony and reception will be held at Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Ga. This venue was chosen because it’s one of Atlanta’s best kept secrets and the grounds are impeccable. They wanted separate spaces for the ceremony and reception within the same location. They are inviting 150 guest to our wedding and ensuring only those who have had a genuine love for our love will be in attendance.

Megan is planning to have a relaxing bachelorette weekend in Gatlinburg, Tennessee with some of her closest friends and Mason is planning to spend the weekend in Los Angeles for one last “whoo rah” with her “boiz”.

They decided to hire a wedding planner mainly because of their work schedules and not having the real time and energy it takes to create the wedding they’ve envisioned. They chose to work with Monet Lee (Events By Monet) because she is personable, professional and understands what is most important to them all while keeping these two on track with their budget. Their biggest challenge has been creating and finalizing the guest list. They are both clear about what they want overall, it’s just deciding on all the details that you may not think about until it’s time to plan the wedding, for instance plate chargers vs silverware only or which uplighting will look best or ushers vs hostesses, etc. The best advice they can offer to engaged couples is to do what feels right and comfortable for you as a couple. Don’t be afraid to plan something outside of the box or steer from “tradition”. Also remember to set a budget and stick with it. Plan for the unplanned events that may happen and most importantly live in the moment. The easiest part of planning has been knowing that no matter what they will be marrying their “forever person” by any means necessary. The marriage and creating a family is what they look forward to most.

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