Ace & Fee tells their Proposal Story after being together for almost 7 years.

Ace and I have been together now almost 7 years. Last May when we celebrated our 6 year anniversary Ace planned a surprise trip for us to Cali. We spent our amazing days in the Sausalito and San Francisco area with a full itinerary, to include a tours, a train ride and time in Napa Valley as well as a helicopter ride! This was definitely the best anniversary by far for me…and little did I know that two days after our anniversary that she would pop the big question in our beautiful hotel room. I am so glad she captured our moment, because even though it still plays well in my mind, it’s pretty awesome to still look back at the video. She took a year to plan the proposal…capturing random moments and piecing together our memories of the past 6 years. Exactly 6 weeks before our anniversary Ace sent me one video a week capturing that year in a glance - up to week 6…the current year of celebration. I must admit, those weekly videos quickly became the highlight of my day as I looked forward to them! The evening of our last night, on June 1, 2017, I received another video…one that displayed all that she had been up to over the course of the year…the one that we decided to share with the world on our YouTube channel…the proposal video! As I watched the video from the balcony area of our room, she sat up the lounge area with a perfect scene of “M-A-R-R-Y M-E” surrounding her. After I got done looking at the video (and crying my eyes out) my instructions were to find her waiting for me. And there she was, with a ring pop and a super cute version of “our journey” book. Inside the book was 6 pictures…one from each year of us, nicely placed before turning the page to…WOW…the ring…MY ring!!! I cried more, kissed and hugged her tight and said yes…YES to marriage, to the continuation of our love and to our life already in progress!

This proposal was perfect and now we both look forward to our wedding day!

Our YouTube channel is Ace and Fee (as well as our IG page), please check out the proposal video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsoFprJc96I

With love,

Ace and Fee

Ace & FeeInstagram: @AceAndFee

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