Melissa proposes to her Girlfriend Dayana on 12/28/17 in Estes Park, Colorado.

My name is Melissa I recently proposed to my fiancé on 12/28/17 in Estes Park,Colorado. Her name is Dayana. We have been together since 5/9/17 and we are both 32 years old. We met on Instagram of all places lol. We both instantly fell in love with each other. It literally was love at first sight. I can’t imagine my life without her now. We have been living together and recently moved into our house together as well. She has two children whom I love very much as if they are my own. I would love for you to share our story. Let me know if I need to submit any other information. Love your Instagram page, website and that you are promoting love. ❤

Melissa & DayanaImstagrams: @melisss0711 & @dayday_fitsmiles

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