Patti & Jamie tells their proposal story dating for 5 years; on 02/24/2018.

Jamie and I have been dating for 5 years; on 02/24/2018 Jamie proposed to me in the beautiful city of Santa Barbara, CA.

We live in Los Angeles county, this particular Saturday Jamie told me she had to run some errands I asked if I can catch a ride to my office to get some work done while she ran her errands. After a few hours she came to pick me up and said "it's a really beautiful day let's go to the beach" I agreed. Her goal was to get to one of our favorite places along the coast, she wanted to get something to eat and we would sit on the beach to enjoy our meal. Jamie forgot there is a point of no return to this beach where if you pass it you have to do a big turn around to get back to a place where we could get food. So I said, "let's keep driving up the coast" I love driving on PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) on beautiful days like this particular Saturday. We finally made it to Oxnard and decided to grab a bite there; not knowing her plans I was in no hurry to get anywhere, Jamie trying not to give anything away was going along with me while panicking inside. We stopped by a fruit stand where I took my sweet time picking out 3 things. After we left the stand I said "let's go to Santa Barbara", she asked "how far is it from here? an hour?" I said "yes" off we went. On the way there I couldn't stop talking about all the things we have gone through in the last 5 years and I kept telling her how much I appreciate her strength and how much our love has become stronger. I got a emotional telling her just how much I love her and what a beautiful person she is.

We got to Santa Barbara and headed for the pier, it was around 4PM - she had planned to propose at sunset- we parked and walked down the beach holding hands. As we got down the beach there was a drum circle forming, the sound of the drums was so beautiful we went to check it out and stood there holding each other just listening....it was getting later and colder. After about an hour, I asked if we could go back to the car because I was getting cold Jamie gently asked to stay a bit longer, I agreed, but I was getting really cold and grumpy. I didn't want to ruin our perfect day so I gently said "I think we should go I'm getting cold and grumpy" She held me closer and looked out to the water and said "I could stay here forever, look at the boats it's like a picture" and I agreed. I looked around the beach and we were alone the sun had just begun to descend into a sunset and I said "we better go, I'm getting grumpy" that's when she looked at me and said, "babe you know I love you so much, I love you so much that I would like to spend the rest of my life with you - took the ring out, got on one knee- will you marry me?" It all happened so fast I couldn't respond anything other than "it's not suppose to happen like this" and then "yes" and then cried for 2 hours. I said "it's not suppose to happen like this" because the following weekend 3/3 I had made plans to go pick up a ring for her and for some reason that was the first thing that popped into my head.

Santa Barbara happens to be my most favorite city, I've been spending time there since I was 21 and never get tired of it. Now this beautiful city has been woven into our story forever. We can't wait to get married and spend the rest of our lives loving and supporting each other.

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