Meet Wives Ladawn & Tay!

My name is LaDawn & I'm the wife, life partner, best friend and co-pet parents with @da_real_binta.

We have been together for 6 years and legally married for two. Our couples anniversary is March 26, 2012 and our wedding anniversary is May 21, 2016. We live in Michigan with our two cute, pint size, full of energy York is sons Casey and Cody. Our journey to legal married life, is similar to all our same sex sister couples, in that we lost relatives, gained family. Had our faith challenged and tested as if our loving one another romantically, somehow disqualified us from our already established personal relationship with God. The Black church community soon learned that they could effect our membership but never our faith or personal relationship with God.

It's been a blessing to see all the couples you highlight and background stories the families allow you to share. It is both inspiring, uplifting and empowering to see more couples like us, featured in a positive, honest and celebratory light.

Thank you for the work you do. I'd like to share a few pictures of my family. I had been previously afraid to do so, as I didn't think they were professional enough, but in just reaching out to let you know how truly grateful I am for the stories and pictures you have shared. Maybe our(my spouse and I) could do the same for someone else, if you chose to feature us.

I'm the feminine one @ladawnsworld, I'm a full time wife & dog mom, who mentors your adult female first generation college students, as well as public speaking and event planing. I was diagnosed with an invisible disability over 10 years ago that not only changed My health but interrupted my fast track career plan & goals in Higher Education. With faith and relentless perseverance, this is my blessed new normal.

My spouse is @da_real_binta, a social worker, who serves the elderly with special emphasis on people with dementia. She's currently building her brand of self-awareness, empowerment and celebration for persons that fit under the non-binary umbrella, with focus on creating new dialogue among our generation(gen X'ers) pertaining to the word Queer, Gender fluid and the full trans umbrella gamut.

IG: @ladawnsworld & @da_real_binta

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