Here’s the Love Story of Shay & Kerryn!

My name is Dashay and My Partners name is Kerryn, We have been together for 11 years and counting we are actually and literally high school sweethearts. Although we met pretty young we both knew that this would be a forever thing, we have grown so much together. We have found the joy in all of life's moments in the depth of each others hearts.

The first time we met I was sort of aggressive to Kerryn, she would try and joke around with me and I would say little sassy things to test her but she didn't crack she pressed on and I knew (without telling her) she was a keeper. We are polar opposites about somethings but the one thing that is exactly the same is our love for one another. She tells me I'm the right to her wrong and that I'm everything that she is not which is what makes her whole.

She amazes me!!
We have been discussing marriage and knowing the amazing partner I have I cant wait to see the way she decides to go about the proposal. Blowing me off of my feet has always been her favorite thing to do. She says "don't worry I'm going to give you the proposal you never even knew was possible."

We have also been planning TTC quite a bit and we are at the point of searching for the perfect home clinic to assist us with our journey. We know exactly what we want with this experience and how we want it to all play out. We have been blessed to have support as well and family that are watching the clock for us too bring our bundle of joy to the world.

Instagram: Dashay @shaysglammcloset | Kerryn @ryn_life2 | Twitter: @shaykerryn

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