est. 2016
Together We Celebrate Love

We are a community of Women in Relationships, Marriages &
2-Mom households! Promoting Love, Commitment & Pride.

Mrs & Mrs was founded by Heaven Grace-Acheampong in October of 2016. She married the love of her life April of 2016 & began to seek a community of women who were Married, looking to grow their families & dealing with the everyday lessons of being married to another Women. She had a hard time finding a community she fit in so she created her own! Mrs & Mrs has resonated with many women such as her self & it continues to grow everyday!

“I’m soon to be married and watching how far our LBGT community has reached makes me happy.”

“You show real women, real love, and it's just a different vibe.”

“Seeing couples blossom into families reassures me of the community that exists for strong women like my wife and me.”

“I get to see people who are just like me, the beauty of it!”

“I love the showcasing of diversity and love of all lesbian couples.”